10 Reasons to Advertise Your Product and Service

1. Show off: There is an old saying, out of sight, out of mind. So to be in mind always the product needs to be in sight.
E.g.: Madhuri dixit was out of sight for a long time, as she got married. She comes back with film ‘Aaja Nachley’ after a long time. Many of the audience fail to recognize her in the very first promo of the same film.

2. Target: The product is not worth, if it does not reach the target audience. Advertise to let them know the importance of the product.
E.g.: Many films didn’t get the proper response due to the lack of promotion and fails to hit the target audience on time. But later they may get a very good recognition as the story is worth it. To name few are Bam Bam Bole, Stanley Ka Dabba and BOL.

3. New add-ons: By a prior advertisement, new customer’s attention will shift towards the product that will result in adding it to their shopping lists too.
E.g.: Colgate toothpaste with salt (Namak wala) didn’t exist few times back. But now it is added to the shopping list of many customers and is a new concept to get noticed too.

4. Feel good: Advertise to make the existing customer feel good. It really feels good when you see the product you use on the television ads and hoardings
E.g.: Advertisement of Nissan sunny car emphasize on the proud feeling a user goes through when the product he/she use get recognized in public.

5. Plant idea: Develop and present users with an idea, through advertisement, that can only be solved by buying the product.
E.g.: promotion of Maruti Ertiga in film ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’ creates an idea of gifting it to the son-in-law and is carried on by many users.

6. Desire: Make the customer feel desire to own the product, by an appealing advertisement.
E.g.: Advertisement of the Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri jwellery showing the granny of a young girl teaching her the tactics to get attention from her husband creates a desire in every girl to have the same necklace.

7. Persuade: With the help of a persuading ad, place the product in customer’s mind in such a way that the product becomes a generic name for the similar products.
E.g.: Maggi, Nirma, and many other brands have become the product itself. It was a 2minute noodles from Maggi, Now sunfeast’s maggi (yippee noodles) is also available.

8. Educate: An advertisement with some social message creates a very different impact on the customers. They will get educated, know about the options available in markets along with something needed to know but was ignored.
E.g.: Jaago re theme of Tata Tea gives a social message for the importance of ladies in life. Female customer feels connected to Tata Tea.

9. Finish: Add a emotional, logical or ethical appeal to the advertisement. Motivate them to take the action, to buy the product.
E.g.: Advertisement of Dairy-milk, Coco-cola, Airtel, CSR with the emotional appeal are very well connected with the users. They buy it because they see emotion in it.

10. Win: In the world of competition to win the race you need to advertise. A product can’t win if they don’t know there is someone to compete with them.
E.g.: Bournvita and Horlicks come up with new ads frequently to give each other a tough competition. A step lost will be a big setback.