It’s a Thinking Team. We won’t boast of our team members as professionals. They are humane in their approach, attitude and mindset. They are exceptional, personal, emotional, sensational and loyal. They are dedicated and dependable. Our team members’ loyalty is to the clients. They are hardcore ‘fixers’. They ‘fix’ customer satisfaction at its highest level. They are ruthless in creativity and merciless in innovation.

Team MATChBOX understands exact needs of each client and offers tailor-made solutions that are meaningful, effective and innovative. Our team members are like the sticks of a matchbox, ready to ignite at the wink of a spark. They ignite their passion towards creativity and innovation

MATChBOX don’t nurture white-collar executives with highflying degrees. Our team members are down-to-earth knowledge-workers. They are the real doers with “Can Do” spirit and “qualified” to execute the task entrusted to them with masterly finesse.


    JB Sahu


  • Pinaxi Sahu

    Pinaxi Sahu

    Head - Digital Solutions

  • Rinkesh Khatri

    Rinkesh Khatri

    Creative Director

  • Rakesh Sikdar

    Rakesh Sikdar

    Art Director, New Media & Events

  • Sandeep Nigudkar

    Sandeep Nigudkar

    Asst. Creative Director

  • Pankaj Tiwari

    Pankaj Tiwari

    Sr. Graphic Designer

  • Atul Thakkar - Copy

    Atul Thakkar

    Manager, Business Development

  • Ankur Jadhav

    Ankur Jadhav

    Manager, Business Development

  • Prakash Kaushal

    Prakash Kaushal

    Executive MARCOM

  • Surendra Mishra

    Surendra Mishra

    Sr. Executive Branding

  • 15592270_240682283026760_138306488_n (1)

    Ritesh Singh Rajpoot

    Manager Digital Marketing

  • Brijesh Baghel

    Brijesh Singh Baghel

    Executive, Client Servicing

  • VK Stephen

    VK Stephen

    Sr. Copywriter

  • Pratibha Yadav

    Pratibha Yadav

    Sr. Copywriter

  • Priya Khandelwal

    Priya Khandelwal

    Asst. Manager, Client Servicing

  • Abhishek Goyal

    Abhishek Goyal

    Executive, Client Servicing

  • Chandra Shekhar Negi

    Chandrashekhar Negi

    Sr. Accountant

  • Gaurav Sherlekar

    Gaurav Sherlekar

    Executive Commercial

  • Prakash Yadav

    Prakash Yadav

    Executive Accounts

  • Rajesh Garasiya

    Rajesh Garasiya

    Asst. Manager Production