Audio Visual Films are fast becoming an integral part of corporate culture as the most effective and useful tool to express ideas.  Corporate films are more useful in promoting products and business. Corporate, product-centric and specific need based films have many advantages, like:

  • More effective and meaningful expression of ideas.
  • Attractive and entertaining (not boring).
  • Visual images create lasting impression in the minds of viewers than conventional presentations which are more speech-oriented and the viewers get bored quickly.
  • Better time management. Unlike other presentations, film takes much lesser time. Saves precious time of the target audience.

To create awareness about the company and promote its products and services, films can be the better option. Not only as sales and marketing tool, films can also help promote brand value and brand equity.

Instead of written customer commendations, “Creative Customer Testimonial Films” of customers testifying ‘live’ as part of an AV film, about their expectations and experience on the products and services can highly influence potential customers. Films can also effectively present events, initiatives, schemes, projects etc. Films on CSR activities can enhance brand image of the organization.

TV commercials are the most popular tool to promote products. Even a local player can promote his products on national or international level through attractive and effective TV commercials.

Making of film is the key. The film should be made with precision and finesse that it becomes an audio-visual treat for the target audience with perfect blend of audio-visual effects and images with befitting voice-over. The task of making creative, innovative, attractive and effective AV Films can be better handled by an expert agency with experience in the field.

MATChBOX being a creative advertising agency has the expertise to make highly attractive and effective AV films.