Let’s Rule the Sky

Happy Makarsankranti 2015

Makar Sankranti, a festival of Kite flying, til-gud, transition of the Sun God, worshipping of Goddess Saraswati, holy dip, Bonfires and lot more things which are performed as rituals in different parts of India. This major harvest festival is one of the most prosperous occasions, celebrated in almost all parts of India. It’s a holy […]

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Have a HAPPY NEWS Year

Happy New Year 2015

As a new bloom spreads freshness around and a new-born dream knows no bound, we should welcome each moment of the New Year with more of enthusiasm, positivity and newness. Renewing our hopes we would have given up few days back, or redoing an important task we would have stopped trying for can give us […]

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Let’s defeat the defects within…

Happy Dussehra 2014

India, known to be a country of festivals, holds number of myths and significances supporting these celebrations. Each festival is a result of many traditional legends and myths. The most prevailing message is to remind the importance of goodness over evil, which is the essence of almost all the festivals celebrated. Dussehra or Vijayadashmi culminates […]

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International Non-Violent Gandhi’s Jayant

2-october-mahatma-gandhi's-Birthday-Matchbox-india 2014

Non-violence is a practice for dealing with conflict or bringing about social change. It is a moral necessity of any culture and belief to employ the non-violent methods for positive change and international peace. On 15th June 2007, United Nations General Assembly marked 2nd October as an International day of Non-Violence, established to honor Mahatma […]

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Navratri : From Invocation To Innovation


“Ya devi sarva bhutesu, shanti rupena sansitha, Ya devi sarva bhutesu, shakti rupena sansthita Ya devi sarva bhutesu, matra rupena sansthita Namastasyai, namastasyai, namastasyai, namo namaha! It means “The goddess who is omnipresent as the personification of universal mother         The goddess who is omnipresent as the embodiment of power         The goddess who is omnipresent as […]

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