68th Independence Day: A thought from ME to WE…


Independence is a power earned by our ancestors so that we could reach the unreached, touch the untouched, explore the unexplored, think the unthinkable and open the doors of opportunities and progress for ourselves. Independence …freedom…liberty…sovereignty…whatever we call it, has different meanings and values for each individual. But what remains the same is the history […]

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Happy RakshaBandhan 2014

A festival of kinship… of promise… between brother and sister, that they will keep protecting each other with all that is evil. Their loving relationship get celebrated every year by following the custom of tying Rakhi by sister on her brother’s wrist, exchanging vows and responsibility that they will stand by each other till the […]

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Names Many, Meaning Single “Eid-Al-Adha”, “Bakra-Eid”, “Kurban Bayram” or “Eid-e-Quran” is the major festival celebrated by the Muslims across the world. It occurs in month of Zil-Hajj (according to the Islamic calendar) when an animal is sacrificed in commemoration of Abraham’s sacrifice of his son. This festival is incorporated in the great pilgrimage to Mecca […]

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Navratri : celebrating the power of SHE


“Sarva mangala mangalye, shive sarvaartha saadhike Sharanye trayambake Gauri Narayani namostute” It means sarva mangala mangalye – To auspiciousness of all auspiciousness. shiva -to the Good. sarvarrtha saadhike – to the accomplisher of all objectives. sharanye – to the Source of Refuge. tryambake – to the mother of the three worlds. Gauri – to the […]

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