Video Marketing: Engage Online & Reap Benefits


The marketing trends today forcefully indicate that video marketing is an integral part of it. There is no gainsaying that this trend is here to stay, at least for the next 5-10 years. Therefore it is wise to go with the trend and include video marketing into your digital marketing strategy.
You should understand that YouTube is not the only platform to post your video to promote your business. Other popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can come handy for your video marketing purpose.
Today people are used to viewing content on smartphones, thanks to their anywhere anytime usability. Long-form sales pitches and emails are passé as they are not effectively adaptable for the small screen of smartphones. Whereas, a skillfully recorded video can serve your purpose more convincingly. In a video, you can furnish same or even more information about your product or service in a more convenient format.
Some of the major advantages of video marketing are:

• It never goes out of date. You can reformat the content and use it differently.
• Transcribe and use the text form of the video which you can re-script and post/publish elsewhere.
• A native video can be posted on Facebook. Evidently, Facebook posts and videos attract more shares and engagements than YouTube.
• The audio can be used for podcast.
• Live customer testimonials and demos of your product/service in a video can create more convincing impact on potential customers.

In nutshell, video marketing is a winning proposition.
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