68th Independence Day: A thought from ME to WE…

Independence is a power earned by our ancestors so that we could reach the unreached, touch the untouched, explore the unexplored, think the unthinkable and open the doors of opportunities and progress for ourselves.
Independence …freedom…liberty…sovereignty…whatever we call it, has different meanings and values for each individual. But what remains the same is the history of independence that resides deep in each heart, has its life in everyone’s action and its spirit in each thought. That’s why, MATChBOX finds the true meaning of Independence in confronting its services and duties one must perform for its country as an individual.

In the words of Shakespeare-“Thought is Free” and so is our will and determination, which must go beyond the limits of our finite domain we have created for ourselves which could be happen only by realizing the importance of our individuality and by fulfilling all the duties we have given by our country to make our presence worthy and valuable.

So, from this Independence Day, we are going to make a promise that we’ll comprehend the value of our individual duties and rights and take it as a responsibility to fulfill them, so that one day we can become a unified strength of India and proudly rise as WE.