Befriending the Ad World 4th August Friendship Da

Sharing secrets, hiding mistakes Playing pranks, dancing in rains All it speaks is a bond so strong, Known as FRIENDSHIP and lasts long.

Can you imagine your life without the person, with whom you share your outbursting emotions every day or a person who is always ready to lend his shoulder along with his PJ’s to cheer you up again? Of course not. We all need a friend to rely upon, to believe on, to share the grief and to get mental relief. But maintaining this relation during the life’s ups and downs is this simple? No. Because, in life where it is difficult to find time to talk to oneself, it is almost impossible to steal the moments out of the busy schedule to talk to our dear ones.

Friendship Day obviously is a granted opportunity to go back to the golden days when we dreamt of being with our childhood friends for the whole life and endows us with an easy path to celebrate that togetherness, to respect the differences and revise our life’s preferences.

But should this celebration be bounded to 24 hours? No, the frolic should go on. Each moment of life spent with friends should be made enjoyable enough to be treasured in the lasting frames of our hearts.

“ADVERTISING THE FRIENDSHIP” Call it a way of creating reminiscences or socialization; the Advertising world is ADding spice of Friendship to its persuading advertisements to connect with the target audience emotionally.

“Wherever You Go, the Network Follows which is Happy to Help (Vodafone) you Celebrate Small Occasions With Friends (Cadbury) and enjoy the Yummy Taste Of Friendship (KFC) with Your New Chataakedaar Company (Domino’s) to Cherish The Gift From Your Very Own (Titan Sonata)”.

Remember something? The above paragraph is dedicated to the latest advertisements creating a “Dosti Effect” on the minds of young as well as the aged consumers following the products.

Following the same, Coca-Cola and Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai have come together to develop a new art and digital campaign that has a unique approach to “happiness creation” for the friendship experiment along with conducting different interesting activities all over the world.

Whether it is Airtel friendship campaign- “Jo Tera Hai Wo Mera Hai” and “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai” or the new marketing idea, “Yaar Tu God Hai”, Friendship is being celebrated as a unique bond in the movies, songs, stories, daily soaps and Advertisements.

These exploding and amazing communion examples have helped the audience win friends and influenced them to a great extent, as a result of which the advertisers are using this obvious human emotion of friendship to fulfill their commercial objectives.

When Advertising world is not left behind in celebrating the “Friendship Day” throughout the year, then why are you waiting?

Call an old friend today and make him feel special…plan a blasting “Friendship Day” with him and make a promise to take this bond beyond the limitations of a day so that you can cherish this Friendship throughout your life.