It’s not about sequels. A sequel suffices with remotely connecting to the original, but it could be an entirely different story. It’s not less challenging, and for that matter any story-telling, if you want to make it a blockbuster. More challenging, however, is telling the same story and still hold the audience spellbound. It is the treatment you administer that matters. Treat it differently and passionately without seriously harming the soul of the original story.

Stories galore in Indian literature and cinema of a poor hero and rich heroine, or vice versa, falling in love with the quintessential villain playing the spoilsport. After much sufferings, the antagonists relent and the hero and heroine live happily ever after. It is not uncommon that the story ends with one of them or both of them end their life or getting killed. Out of hundreds of such stories, only a few strike the right chord.

In nutshell, it is how you orchestrate it. Present it in such a way that every time the audience feels it differently as an entirely new story.

Yes, it’s wisely said, “Everyone can tell a story but not everyone knows how to tell a story.”

In the current scenario where smartphones and social media rule the roost, millions of posts, texts, and audio-video clips run hither and thither. But not any of them goes “viral” or “trending”.

Like the old adage that all that glitters is not gold, all posts on the social media are not hits. In fact, vast majority of them goes unnoticed because they fail to attract audience as they are poorly packaged and presented.

Promotion and marketing on social media are no exception. Your products and services may be the best-in-class. But if you don’t present them properly on social media, they won’t fill the bill.

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