Celebrating Independence or Disregard???

Is freedom this cheap? Has liberty lost its value? Are responsibilities this negligible? Have we disregarded the sacrifices made by our brave freedom fighters?

An obvious “yes” is the disappointing answer and despite of all the above acceptable questions, we are celebrating “Independence”. An independence, which is overpowered by the lame excuses we find to neglect those blood shed sacrificing hands and our fake freedom we are proud and boast of every second we exercise our right to speech.

Forgetfulness has an unbearable cost

The reason behind not being able to exercise the real freedom is because we are reacting overwhelmed with the glad feeling of being an independent nation. A nation where, the father of nation “Mahatma Gandhi” devoted his life in the battle of freedom, a leader like “Jawaharlal Nehru” walked on the thorny paths to make our nation a better place to live in, the father of Indian freedom “Subhash Chandra Bose” undergone tremendous sufferings so that his coming generations could breathe in a free India or Chandrasekhar Aazad, a pioneer of Indian independence, happily led their lives to serve India. These forgotten heroes of independence fought for us to bequeath us a “better”, “separate” and “free” world. But do we really value?

The independent routine of the “so- called” independent Indians

Like the gone 66 independent but unconscious years, on this 67th independence day, we will take rejoice in spending a day with no work load, a granted holiday when we could get up late, stick to television relaxing on our sofa sets, watch the unreal reality shows which serve patriotism on the shining dish of prevailing corruption with the added spice of emotional and patriotic songs. Enjoy the entertainment for which some emotionally weak people will shed tears too and some very few of us will take pride in standing up from their sofa sets for the national anthem being played.

We will listen to the patriotic songs, sing along with them, blame the corrupted politicians, discuss about the wrong and unethical practices, show our aggression on the social networking sites, deliver a speech in the state level competitions, draw posters on corruption in the drawing competitions, force our children to participate in the fancy dress contests dressed up in the costume of Gandhi or even organize an anti-corruption rally holding the flags in hands.

Flourishing corruption

We will do everything that shows our patriotic emotions but, we will not “ACT”. We will not stand against the roots of corruption. We will not stop encouraging corruption and we will not even try to corrupt the prospering corruption Zurich Prime company review.

But till when? The bug of corruption can only be destroyed when we will want to get rid of it. Let’s begin fulfilling the dream of India’s freedom heroes by paying a small tribute of a corruption- free India to them and then we will celebrate the real “Independence”.

So, wake up and do your part, so that we could proudly say- “Yes, we are independent”.

So, get ready, for the biggest boost in the “Happening- City”. A lot of good is happening here and you can expect even more from Indore. All the Best.

“Absorbed in the roots of Nation like a Slater,
Corruption is trifling the conscience,
The wounded soul of India is about to shatter,
Its time to rise, awake and realize…
Revive the Freedom Movement and sing the Independence Reprise.”

Wishing you”corruption free” independence.

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