Changing Trends in Marketing & Advertising


It was a happening decade with changes taking place in the wink of an eye. Driven by mind-blowing technological advancements, the Marketing & Advertising industry witnessed newer trends, tastes, definitions, and axioms.
Today’s consumer is smarter and well informed than they were 10 years back. With the demanding consumers, brands have to look for innovative ways to communicate and engage with them. In today’s marketing, the line that used to differentiate between masses and classes has become thinner. Marketing and for that matter advertising strategies devised for masses cannot hold on without class and vice versa.
Let us take a little peep at the major factors that necessitated a paradigm shift in marketing and advertising in the last decade.

The Data Deluge

Marketing and advertising in the internet era depend heavily on the volume, velocity, variety, variability, and complexity of data availability. In 2019, the number of internet users rose to an estimated 4.39 billion. Online activities of this large user base is filtered and used as data for inbound lead generation.

Content Marketing

This was a trend that thrived on innovative content churned out by creators of repute. Be it outsourced or insourced by brands themselves, content reigned supreme. Branded content linked to a brand pave the way for consumers to connect with the brand.
The last decade also witnessed other marketing and advertising variants like Influencer Marketing, Meme Marketing, and Moment marketing – all online activities.

It is interesting to note the evolution of marketing and advertising strategies from product-centric to audience-oriented. Attracting and increasing a captive audience of consumers with right message at the right time through proper social media platform facilitates creation of a loyal consumer base for the brand.

Delivering the right message to the right set of consumers at the right time using an appropriate social network or medium has become a mantra to create a loyal community for the brand.
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