DIWALI : Echoing Devotion, Illumination, Wisdom, Affluence, Love and Indulgence

Significance of “festival of lights”

Diwali the word translates into a row of lightened lamps and signifies the triumph of good over evil and brightness over darkness. The celebration begins with Dhanteras that marks the beginning of a financial year for most of the Hindu business communities and is considered as an auspicious day to buy gold. The other day is known as “narak chaudas” which symbolizes lord krishna’s victory over the demon narakasura and thus celebrated with lighting diyas and performing pooja of lord Krishna.

Showers of Prosperity

Lakshmi pooja marks the most important day where Hindus worship lakshmi- the goddess of wealth and lord Ganesha – the lord of wisdom, the beginner of auspiciousness and destroyer of evils together and ignite diyas and lamps in their houses to give a warm welcome to lakshmi and prosperity. The celebration ends with bahubeej generally called as bhaai dooj or yama dwitiya, which is meant for brothers and sisters to express their affection for each other.

Diwali is usually celebrated for 5 days all over the nation when whole country glitters with the glowing lamps lit by each Indian whether poor or rich. The ways of celebration differ with each separating boundary of culture and tradition. People may differ with their culture, their traditions, their costumes, their language and their thoughts but their way to announce the triumph and celebrate the festival remains the same.

Finding the real Light

When seen from a spiritual side, Diwali mainly focuses on “the awareness of the inner light”. It is a common belief that there is something beyond the materialism or the physical body which is formed by the 5 tatvas and is known as the eternal “Aatma”. The celebration of victory over evil refers to enlightening the lamps of great knowledge avoiding the ignorance of one’s fake appearance.
This real light can be realized in many ways. Since, there are a lot of social issues related to the loud and unfair ways of Diwali celebration, a small concern to bring back the goodness may work well. But,combined efforts are required positively.

For the ignored ones We are well acquainted with the issues mainly focusing on the negative effects of crackers, excessive consumerism, wastage of resources etc. to a great extent. But, do we ever bother how these crackers bring darkness to an ignored species on this earth…???
Very few of us. The festival of lights may bring a feeling of joy to us, but it comes as a nightmare to all the voiceless creatures. Loud firecrackers do adversely affect the stray animals both mentally and physically. These animals go through a trauma during the festival season. Loud crackers leave animals trembling from fear. They may go hiding for a long time and experience a mental and physical stress.
The sparkles, noise, flashy lights from fireworks excite our minds but we are not the only creatures on this planet. There are other creatures too who have an equal right to share this planet with us. When they hear these blaring noises of firecrackers, they suffer panic and shock fills their innocent minds.
But do we really care for their hearts? May be we have never given a thought to this till now. But when this time when, you burn a cracker just look at your pet’s face or a street dog, hiding behind the vehicles or running on the streets to find a safer place. And you will find the real meaning of Diwali.

Enlighten your inner self and celebrate a Diwali, favorable to each creature on this beautiful planet Zurich Prime reviews.