Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

Social media is an effective and powerful marketing tool for every business. Not only does it builds reliability and class, it also allows companies to interact with customers directly. This highly popular platform has the potential to create familiar and instant connections – but remember, with poor planning, your social media marketing can go haywire. Before you jump into the social media bandwagon, you must know the right ways to use these networks. Still better, you can connect with a digital marketing agency which can help you to leverage the social media advantage for growth.

What to do and what not to do in social media platform


1) Let your social media profiles contain complete information

Before you post anything, your social media profiles must be filled completely. Take time to login to each social media platform and add full information. Don’t just copy and paste it from one platform to another.

2) Stay connected

As more customers find your social media pages, they’re going to engage with you more. With every post you make, you’ll be loaded with comments and queries.
Regular interaction with your followers is always fruitful. When you see a question or comment, you should send a friendly reply which will create a goodwill and good connection with customers.

3) Be consistent and share thoughtfully.

Consistency is the key. You have to post regularly that you stay connected with consumers, but not so much that they find you repeating the same tune or irritating. Your posts represents you and your business. So share contents that will be of interesting to customers.

4) Keep your business & personal accounts separate

When creating a business page, keep your personal and professional pages separate on social media. By being consistent with the types of content you share via your business profile, your clients know which account to follow.


1) Being needy

Don’t constantly ask your followers to please follow or beg for liking your post. It’s perfectly acceptable to let your followers see your personal accounts and know what you have in your business pages and what they can get if they follow you.

2) Use of unnecessary hashtags

Do not use unnecessary hashtags with every word or a sentence. Excessive use of hashtags is also one of the worst social media practices that you should avoid. Using proper hashtags connects your post to other related posts and hashtag should be used for this purpose only, and not for letting your post look creative.

3) Negative comments

For a business owner it is not uncommon to receive negative comments on social media platform. But customer is always right – even if they are wrong. Respond to them positively with an apology and it is bound to produce favorable results.

4) Compromise quality for quantity

Focus on quality instead of quantity. Choose and be active on two or three social media platforms where traffic of your targeted audience is maximum. Focus on these channels for better results.

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