Govinda aala re ! (Krishna Janmashtami)

Time to rejoice the naughtiness of makhan-chor, affection of kanhaiya, cuteness of laddoo gopal, divinity of murali- manoahar and the charm of manmohana. The glad occasion is the birth of “Kaanha” which is celebrated all over the country with a great enthusiasm and devotion. He is an idle son, a caring brother and a strong example of the unconditional and pure love.

Krishna is most beloved of entire Hindu deities; he is admired by each and every age group and in many different roops. Few celebrate him for being simple laddu-gopala, found in almost every Hindu home, some for being Cosmic Lover to Radha-Rani, some for his being Protector of the masses, who fought to every form of depravity to save his followers, and some for his Devine and true friendship that mostly youngsters share with him. He is the perfect hero of today’s generation.

Krishna janmashtami is an event to celebrate the birth of lord Krishna. Krishna a cheerful, joyous, and most loved deity of Hindus, was the 8th avatar of lord Vishnu, born as 8th son of Devaki and Vasudev, on 8th day of Krishna paksha of Bhadrapada (Hindu month). Krishna had 2 mothers, a birth giver Devaki and a foster Yashoda. He was loved by both a lot, Yashoda maiya cherish his childhood and Devaki maiya had given birth to him, in response kanha give equal love, respect and importance to both the mothers. This gives a very good example for adoption, to those who are not blessed with their own kids can bless some family-less kids by adopting them and cherishing life of both.

Krishna’s birth occasion is celebrate this with great pomp and show. Raslilas or religious plays are performed to recreate incidents from the life of Krishna and to commemorate his love for Radha. At midnight, the statue of infant Krishna is bathed and placed in a cradle, which is rocked, amidst the blowing of conch shells and the ringing of bells. Bhajans are also sung at midnight to show the joy of Krishna’s birth. In some part of nation, people enact the god’s childhood attempts to steal butter and curd from earthen pots beyond his reach. A similar pot is suspended high above the ground and groups of young people form human’s pyramids to try and reach the pot and break it. Completions are held under the name of matki fod on this auspicious occasion.

Let’s celebrate this precious event of Janmashtami with more enthusiasm and love.
Is a ritual taught and in our mind it always remains…

Happy Janmashtami!

Nand ghar aanand bhayo, jai Yashoda laal ki
Haathi ghoda paalki, jai kanhaiya laal ki.