Leverage The Digital Effect For Business Growth

The just concluded General Elections 2019 has brought out the true power of social media forcing the political parties and candidates to rejig their marketing strategies.

Gone are the days when parties pre-reserved or earmarked roadside walls for publicity as also resorted to huge banners, posters and cut-outs. Even handbills are rare to see now-a-days. Social media is the new ‘visible’ medium of publicity. Political parties flourished on it. Parties are packaged as corporate, candidates and leaders are showcased as products, and consumers had an exciting time.

According to experts, despite all the memes, trolling, trending and the campaigns, the full potential of the digital media as a marketing vehicle remains untapped.

A senior executive of a global digital agency points out that in the real sense almost all parties have underspent in digital space albeit speculations of increased spending on digital media and this year the battle would be fought digitally. Going by media reports, the combined poll ads done on Facebook and Google are around 139,000.

Another digital expert shares that approximately Rs.500 crore is said to have been spent this time on the digital media platforms signifying a growth of over 70% as compared to general elections of 2014.

It is worth considering the amount of money spent on troll armies, WhatsApp groups and other social media pages. All these meant to promote different political parties, ideologies, and leaders.

The magnitude can be gauged from the fact that there were thousands of groups engaged in gathering information and creating memes and trolls. Then these were relayed across the country in all the regional languages as well.

According to an estimate, there were more than 84 million new voters and 300 million voters of Facebook. Hence the spends had to be leaned heavily on digital as this category of audience spends more time on social media.

Though opinions are divided on the role of social media and the digital space on the election results, the mass appeal and the reach and influence of the medium over a vast majority of the populace is widely acknowledged.

It all point to the enormous promotional and marketing advantages of digital and social media. It is high time you changed your marketing strategy and thought seriously about digital and social media marketing.

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