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mobile application or mobile app is an application software designed to be used in devices such as smart-phones and tablet computers. Apps are generally small, individual software units with limited function.

Each app provides limited and exclusive functionality such as a game, calculator, or mobile web browsing. A more sophisticated approach involves developing specifically for the mobile environment, taking advantage of both its limitations and advantages.

Mobile apps have the advantage of accessibility anywhere anytime. An expert can design and develop mobile apps for a company, product, brand, or service. This is one of the most cost-effective modes of advertising which can yield rich dividends in terms of new business generation.

Why your brand should have a Mobile App?

With Having approx 60% of mobile users across the world, mobile app marketing is becoming the trend, and the investors of developing countries like the USA, China are targeting mobile app users more often than desktop users.

Initially, the majority of the mobile app users were from Social Media Platforms, Gaming Apps, Music Apps but the trend has changed, now along with entertainment, edutainment, product marketing, and service marketing brands are actively targeting the mobile users either through other mobile brand app or through their own mobile apps.

Marketing On Your App v/s Other App

There are two options for doing mobile app marketing either the brand can build its own app or they can contact the other mobile app administrator to market their products or services on their app.

In the first option, the marketing becomes much easier as the brand becomes independent and they can perform their own marketing according to their needs and the response they are getting from the users.

If we have been talking about the first option around 4-5 years earlier then that time creating our own app might not be the best option for doing product marketing or service marketing as at that time the overall percentage of users operating mobile is much less than the desktop, and at the same time creating our own app is not that easy and cost-efficient.

With the innovation and investments in the field of technology, creating our own app becomes much easier and cost-efficient. For the brands that want to invest a sufficient amount in marketing, creating their own app is just as the trend is changing and the number of mobile phone users is kept increasing.

Advantages of Creating Our Own App

After the Covid-19, marketing trends have changed, although more number of users are coming on digital platforms rather than physical shops, data shows that people are buying from trustable brands only and therefore brands having social media presence, mobile apps, past customer reviews has an advantage over the other brands.

The second advantage of having a mobile app is the number of mobile users and it will be kept increasing as people feel more comfortable on the mobile rather than desktop or any other device.

Cost is another very effective reason due to which people are shifting from desktop to mobile, the operating cost of mobile is much less than the desktop and that is the reason the number of mobile users from the developing countries is increasing as they easily afford the price and connectivity of mobile accessories.

Having a mobile app along with the website allows you to market your products and services to both the people using desktop and mobile. With a website, you can acquire almost all the people using the desktop but in the case of mobile, having an app is much more convenient than making the website mobile responsive.

As it is not necessary that if your website is ranking or doing good on the desktop it will perform the same on the mobile. That is the reason having a mobile app opens another door of marketing, putting your app on Google play store or apple store can give you revenue from the user purchases and you can also earn from the advertisement that will come on your app(if you want).

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