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Team MATChBOX has the creative edge in corporate video production. Our videos strike an instant rapport with viewers. We stick to essentials, use precise language for scripting, prolific editing, clear and professional voice-over, experienced DOP, and impactful visuals that communicate with the audience at a steady pace and reverberate the client’s corporate objectives effectively. Using 2D, 3D Animation, VFX, and Laser Technology, we are experts in making videos for:

  • Corporate Films – A Corporate film is nothing but a 5 to a 10-minute video showcasing the brand or company‘s positive or good values. Although the duration of the video is not more than 10 minutes the impact on the audience is more than that.

But the question is, how effective Corporate Videos Are?

Basically, Corporate Videos are used by companies or brands to showcase their unique points or features.

But the advantages of corporate videos are far better than text content or even graphic content.

 Advantages of Creating Corporate Videos 

  1. Best way to reach out to new customers: As the reach of videos is very high, and every platform, the engine is preferring videos more than any other content format, there is a high probability that your corporate video can rank higher and reach out to some new customers.

After retaining the same customers, the most difficult task for any brand is to keep targeting new customers, videos can be that tool that can attract new customers towards the brand.

But remember that any video cannot do wonders for you, short and to the point videos are more engageable and preferable especially if is a corporate video.

  1. Brand Awareness: Corporate Videos are great for marketing the products that people do not aware of, or the products that are just launched in the market.

By using corporate videos, a brand can create an image of their products in the user’s minds very quickly. As the customer retention of videos is highest, brands can easily create an impact by using their videos on various platforms.

Quick, and To the Point Videos are the best types of videos that achieve almost 100% retention and watch-time. Trends are now changing, the customer span of users have decreased and people are more watching short and to the point videos.

  1. SEO: Google, the most used search engine having a market share of over 75% has changed its algorithms and is preferring video content on the search engine result page over any other type of content.

Creating Videos for your brand or products can make your content rank higher on the search engine result page.

  1. Market Your Unique Products: Every brand has some unique style, product, a quality that makes him stand out from its competitors.

Creating videos on those products can give you a lead against all your competitors in the same industry.

  • Event Specific Theme Films
  • 2D/3D Animation & Laser Films
  • Motivational/Training /Education Films: Motivational Videos are one of the most-watched videos in the world, people want motivation in their life, people want positive energy in their life, and this a great opportunity for those who can make impactable motivational videos.

Training videos, Motivational videos, or edutainment videos are the most engaged and most demanding videos of this era, people want motivation in their life, people want to learn something new every day, something extraordinary irrespective of their place, they want to connect to the world.

This creates an opportunity for many startups or businesses that can make this happen, that can make available these videos for anyone and everyone in the world.

We can help you in this, by creating those videos for you that can deliver positive energy and teach people anywhere in the world.

So if want Motivational, Training or any type of video that can make a change in anyone’s life, please contact us.

We are anyway ready to spread happiness and positive energy in the world.

  • TVC
  • Others … as per client’s need

We make videos that explicitly convey the exact message and foster further engagement with the audience.

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