Teacher’s Day – A day to honor the “source of knowledge”

In India Teacher’s day is being celebrated on 5th of September that commemorates the birthday of India’s finest teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a philosopher and 2nd president of our country.

Remember the famous couplets,

Guru govind duo khade, kake lagu pao…
Balihari gurur aapne, govind deo bataye…

Importance of a teacher is very clear from these couplets. We can read, write and understand just because of a person who is filled with knowledge, gifted with patience, charged with determination, furnished with communication skills and saturated with the helpfulness and support for his students.

Realizing the worth
A teacher is a person who teach us something worth adoptable in our life. The journey of life starts along with a teacher in disguise, a mother. She is the very first teacher of our life who teaches us to speak, to walk and to behave with the support of another teacher- father. We step out of our shells to encounter the real world and there’s always a hand on our shoulder to guide, to care, to listen and to teach. The person known as teacher, we find in our school in different forms and at different levels.

One can easily count the seeds in an apple, but one couldn’t count apples from a seed. Same is with the teachers they polish so many lives and make them prosperous, but they remain at the same point to blossom some more flower buds.

The lesson of life
A teacher is a person who teaches us a talent (skill) to learn not only from him but also from every other person we meet, from the conditions of life and from the very ourselves.

An event to celebrate the bond of learning
Teacher’s day is an event of celebrating the student- teacher bond, to honor the person who opens our doors of knowledge and to salute his patience, warm loving, temperate affection and the determination to make us the one. Every person has someone of equal significance in his life and this is the day to thank them.

Let’s make this day an unforgettable day for our teachers by showing them their role in one’s journey of life by reminding them of their greatness.

A Teacher’s influence should never fade and a person’s learning should never halt…