Thread Of Thoughts

A festival of kinship… of promise… between brother and sister, that they will keep protecting each other with all that is evil. Their loving relationship get celebrated every year by following the custom of tying Rakhi by sister on her brother’s wrist, exchanging vows and responsibility that they will stand by each other till the eternity. This simple thread symbolizes the bond hard to break and love hard to neglect.
On other note, from the perspective of an organization provides communication solutions, this festival depicts for us the picture of our relationship with our clients. Unlike the bond between brother and sister, we also share the same affiliation with our clients and promise that no matter what situations are, we going to serve you with the best of communication solution services. And this affiliation has been knotted with the thread of our thoughts, creativity and promise that with our continuous dedication and efforts we will keep trying to strengthen this knot.

For MATChBOX, this festival is the reason to celebrate this affinity we share and the promise we’ll keep with our clients. Our Rakhi is made up of threads of our thoughts, our efforts, hopes, and of our creativity which protects the requirements of our clients, fulfill all what they expect and bind us together strongly and sweetly.