Video Marketing- Use the Powerful Tool to Gain Big in Business 

Statistics show that more than 60% of businesses world over, have started using video content marketing. Most of them feel that video marketing is an important part of their strategy. With rapid progress, video marketing will reach higher heights sooner than we think. The growth is fueled by the firm belief by 83% of businesses that video marketing gives them a highly significant ROI.

Some of the real benefits of video marketing:

Faster Conversions & Sales 

It is a proven fact that a product video on your landing (website, Social Media) page can enhance conversions by 80%. 

Great ROI

Over 80% of the businesses claim that video boosts return on investment

Builds Trust & Loyalty

Conversions and sales are based on trust and loyalty. The concept of content marketing is rooted on trust and building long-term relationships.  Video content can engage and ignite emotions.

Appeals to Smartphone Users

Almost 90% of consumers check posts and watch videos on their Smartphone. With its anywhere anytime convenience and the rapidly increasing number of Smartphone users, your video audience becomes bigger by the day.


Developing a Video Marketing Campaign Effectively

Before setting out to unleash a video marketing campaign, you should study the market, conduct competitive analysis and garner target market insights. Once it is done, you are ready to formulate your strategy and conclude the message.

You should be absolutely clear about exactly what you intend to convey to your target audience including the call to action.

Once your strategy is defined and message is developed, the next step is to infuse life into your vision.

At this juncture you need the help of a professional production company. Making an effective video is not everybody’s cup of tea. The video should stand out qualitatively, attractive and appealing to target audience. If well-made, the video will rise to the top of the heap amidst the enormous number of videos available online.

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