Event Management, Exceeding Expectations


Event management, in nutshell, is to handle the given task with necessary skills to achieve the desired results. It’s easier said than done. Even a simple kitty party or a modest birthday party has its own pulls and pressures. The event manager willingly takes up the pulls and pressures and frees his client from all worries.

MATChBOX is one of the best event management companies in Indore with enormous expertise and enriched experience to handle events of any size and stature. MATChBOX has the capability and capacity to expertly execute events anywhere in India anytime. Some of the MATChBOX skills are:

Multi-tasking: Team MATChBOX is adept at doing different things with creative difference. They are tuned to multi-task and manage beyond expectations.

Communication and People Skill: We understand client’s exact needs and objectives, suggest innovative additions to make the event a masterpiece with little or no additional expenditure. Our people are friendly and skilled to handle the task with the ultimate goal of utmost satisfaction of the client and the target audience.

Organizational Skill: Being multitaskers we have the skill to coordinate perfectly with multi agencies involved in the event execution.

Work Under Pressure & Tight Deadline: We don’t panic because we know panic only adds to the pressure. We also know that the crux of event management is keeping the deadline. Every event invariably has its own pressures and for Team MATChBOX it’s always a pleasure to handle them deftly.

Attention to Detail: We don’t leave anything to chance, not even the tiniest detail. We know from experience that in event management small things often add much more to the success of the event.

Budget Management: “Best within the budget” is the mantra we always uphold. Not only that, we are always keen to go that extra mile with no extra cost to bring that big smile of delight on our client’s face.

MATChBOX being a complete communication solutions providing company, has the added advantage of creativity, copy writing, content creation, branding, printing, AV Film and other allied activities under one roof. Creativity with innovation in everything we do is our forte. With a decade of experience in event management, we have excelled as a dependable corporate events agency. Be it corporate events or any other event, MATChBOX has perfected the art of matchless event execution with picture perfect precision and beyond expectations.