Web Designing and Development at MATChBOX

Take up the entire gamut of web designing, web development, and maintenance to leverage maximum advantages out of the vast possibilities of the digital world.

Be it a large corporate, small organization, or individual, website we believe is the internet portrait and should be presented attractively and meaningfully.

Website is not just making one’s presence felt on the interact as ‘also ran’. Instead, the website should be useful both to the owner and the viewer.

Keeping in view global viewership, MATChBOX mastered the art of developing websites custom-designed differently as per each client profile.

Breaking away from the off-repeated and worn out formats, we infuse creativity and innovation and come out with client-complying and user -friendly websites.

Types of Website We Create

  1. Homepage Websites
  2. Magazine Websites
  3. E-commerce websites
  4. Blogs
  5. Portfolio Websites
  6. Directory and Contact Pages
  7. Organization’s websites
  8. Social Media Websites

Website Designing Contains

I) Creative LogoA logo is not just an image, it is your identity that creates a huge impact on the mind of people coming to the website. It is the very first thing that people notice and that’s the reason, having a creative and professional logo is a must to create a perfect first impression.

We at MATChBOX ensures that every logo we make creates a positive and trustworthy impact on the user. Having experience of over 11 years ensures that every logo we would make will fulfill your requirements.

II) Modern and Customized ThemesA perfect theme is one of the boxes that need to tick necessarily in order to keep yourself at the top.

Approx  576,000 created daily and with this kind of competition, it becomes important to tick more and more boxes in order to remain at the top of the race.

With the improvements in the area of designing and development, better is becoming perfect every second and the better you apply, the more ahead you will go in the race.

But you don’t need to become a part of this race, as we at MATChBOX will take you far ahead in the race by having the highly skilled graphic designers that will choose the best and perfect theme for your brand with the additional feature of customization according to your requirements and choice.

III) Websites followed by UI and UXUI(User-Interface) and UX(User-Experience) nowadays considered as the two pillars of web designing.

Without taking care of UI and UX, your website cannot attract unique visitors coming through direct or indirect sources. User-Interface Experts ensures that buttons, text, images, and the other items that users interact with have perfect structure, color, size, etc. at the same time match with the current trend and have the professional look that users love to see.

User-Experience Experts ensures that all the elements like images, links, button, etc are well-positioned and the whole navigation of the website is easy and user-friendly, as having confusing navigation can increase your website’s bounce rate that ultimately affects the website’s traffic.

We at MATChBOX ensures that any website that is designed in our studio must fulfill the requirements of both UI(User-Interface) and UX(User-Experience)

IV) Rich and Optimized Content – Content of the website is the most basic thing that affects both the search engine and the users, positively or negatively depends on the content writers.

Having professional content writers that take care of both optimization and quality of the page ensures that your website will perform well both for the user and search engine.

The Content Writers of MATChBOX ensure that the content they wrote has zero grammatical mistakes, easy to read for the users, and at the same time highly optimized for Search Engine Optimization.

V) High-Quality Images – All the images that we use on any website meet the highest quality of standards like resolution, size, relevance, etc. at the same time we ensure that the size of the image will not harm the Search Engine Optimization of the website.

VI) Social Media Icons – Social Media Appearance is one of the most important factors on which users think. Without having the Social Media Appearance, websites lose the chance of getting the inorganic traffic or leads that can boost their growth to nX times.

But apart from that, having a social media presence creates trust and relationships with the users and ensures that the user will stick with the brand for a long time.

VII) Important Legal Pages – Pages like Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer will keep your brand or website away from legal matters, and having these pages on the website will make the users understand the policies and ethics you work on.

We either add or suggest the brand to add all the legal pages at the beginning so that their business journey moves smoothly without any stress.

VIII) Responsive Design – Almost every user is now browsing everything on their mobile, because of this it becomes important for you to make sure that the website work perfectly on both devices.

For that, you need to make sure that your website is responsive so that it can appear perfectly on every device.

We at MATChBOX will take care that your website is responsive on every device and appears perfectly.

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