Over three billion people access Internet daily, vast majority of them through smart portable devices like smart-phones. Thus, mobile-friendly web interface has now become a crucial channel for lead generation.

The revolution of mobile apps have changed altogether people’s habit of internet surfing. The onset of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Whatsapp etc) have further transformed the digital usage. Now everything on digital invariably needs to be mobile-friendly. The user-friendly edge of smart-phone makes it the most preferred universal digital device. It is easy to carry and use anywhere anytime.

Here comes the significance of mobile-friendly website. A mobile-friendly website for your company and product is an essential requirement if you want your business to grow beyond boundaries.Mobile users expect your website to provide an endearing experience optimized for their device. It is estimated that nearly half of the consumers won’t revisit a website if it doesn’t load properly on their smart-phone.

It is all the more important to convert leads into sales. Likewise, it is fatal for any business if people turn away from its website just because it fails to load correctly. Customers are virtually everywhere. With mobile devices in their hands, irrespective of their location, customers might want to look up your business. They may even want to contact you. In the current scenario of fierce competition, especially in the small business arena, accessibility through mobile can make a big positive difference.

With a responsive design, the website developers can build a website that can be viewed on mobile devices of any size. When responsive design is used by a small business website, the web page can recognize the consumer’s screen orientation and size and adjust the layout as needed.
It is worth remembering that customers use their phone as per their convenience, even round the clock. Hence, your web page should be accessible 24/7. Traffic to your website can be enhanced by a responsive design because the customer can easily share your content. Users bound to appreciate this convenience. Therefore it is essential to ensure a unique experience for customers at every stage and touch point.

There is no need to design and develop a separate website exclusively for mobile devices. Your existing website can be modified. All you need to do is consult a digital expert. Also there are many creative ad agencies in Indore to help you with this.

Users are unlikely to recommend a service or product that has a user-unfriendly website. If your website is well developed with relevant and useful contents, the users will enjoy their experience on your website and revisit again and again.

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