Effective Advertising – Guarantee for Enhanced Business

Effective Advertising

There are several ways of advertising like print media, electronic media, digital/online or traditional means such as hoardings, banners, posters, wall painting etc. Major objectives of advertising are promotion of product, services, brand or creating and building brand image. Advertisements will become meaningful only when it facilitates revenue enhancement for the advertiser by way of […]

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Product Promotion in Festive Season for Spurt in Sales

After the scorching heat of summer, the onset of monsoon is always a great relief to all, from rural farmers to business tycoons. Monsoon also heralds a feel-good season of festivals. In India, the festival season commences with Rakhee (Raksha Bandhan) in August and ends with Christmas in December. You may also extend it a […]

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Important factors for making Every Event an Occasion to Cherish

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With varying nature and requirements, it is difficult, if not impossible, to define event management. However, it can be safely said that event management is showcasing events eventfully and making them occasions to cherish. The emphasize is on “showcasing” not managing. Managing of events not always necessarily rise to the level of showcasing. Showcasing of […]

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Create, Build & Promote Brand Online For Rapid Business Growth


“Brand is a thought. A thought that lives in peoples’ minds.” – Harish Bijoor, Renowned Brand Guru Brand can be a symbol, picture, word, adage or a combination of such elements. Not only manufacturers, products and services; various institutions and social welfare organizations also have their own brands. What is more, even places and people […]

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Difference Between SEO and SEM – MATChBOX


Apart from conventional means, doing business online has become the norm of the day. “Online business” is convenient and easy to transact, both for the seller and buyer. More importantly, promotion of business online can reach out to enormous potential customers far and wide. SEO & SEM, both are part of Inbound Marketing that can […]

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