There is no gainsaying the fact that video marketing is not a will-o’-the-wisp. It has proved its worth especially in the wake of the phenomenal rise of the YouTube Vlogger and Influencer. For companies, their products and brand building, promotional videos present unlimited opportunities and possibilities.
For vast majority of consumers, a brand’s video is the most influencing factor to go for that particular brand. The number of companies using video to promote their businesses is also rising rapidly. With promotional videos, it is advantages all the way.

Enhances Your SEO Edge
Promotional videos with relevant and contemporary keywords uploaded on YouTube can work wonders for your business. This will improve your Google SEO and rankings on YouTube. You also have the option to upload your video on Vimeo or Daily Motion and build a following on these platforms too.

Seeing is Believing
There is already an air of lethargy with so much of blog posts and content online. Thus, more people are preferring video to communicate instead of text. It is estimated that viewers retain and recall 95% of what they watch whereas just 10% of what they read.

Easy to Communicate
Complex charts, graphs and technicalities can be easily showed on video than text. The power of video makes it much more effective, meaningful and productive.

The Flexibility Edge
Promotional videos are so flexible that you can post them on your website and social media page simultaneously and direct your viewers towards it.

The Video Testimonial Edge
Written testimonials are passé and a section of consumers even take them for fake. Instead, people trust video testimonials where a customer is endorsing a product or brand live in his/her own voice. This boosts credibility among potential customers.

The Matchless Video Making Edge of MATChBOX

MATChBOX, a leading total communication solutions providing company has enriched experience and expertise in making of AV films of all types. Being a full-fledged digital marketing agency in Indore, we have the added advantage of combining the right ingredients to make most from your promotional video. Being a prominent advertising and event management agency, MATChBOX possesses the creative edge to make promotional films online blockbusters with crisp and cute script, artistic visuals, crystal clear voice-over and meticulously implanted background music with creative and innovative fusion.